It is embarrassing for everyone’: Saskatoon girl decries not enough feminine hygiene items at YVR

It is embarrassing for everyone’: Saskatoon girl decries not enough feminine hygiene items at YVR

It is embarrassing for everyone’: Saskatoon girl decries not enough feminine hygiene items at YVR

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Airport staff offered passenger a couple of disposable underwear designed for grownups with incontinence

A Saskatoon girl transiting through Vancouver airport terminal claims she had been obligated to purchase pads at almost 3 times their price that is usual because are not built with feminine hygiene item dispensers.

Kyla mail order moroccan bride Kitzul, 27, had been passing through YVR on her behalf means from Vietnam to Saskatoon on Tuesday evening.

She stated she headed to a bathroom the moment she disembarked from her air plane searching for a pad that is sanitary tampon. However the very first restroom she attempted didn’t have a sanitary napkin dispenser after all.

“this is the one which sucked the absolute most for me personally. We have from the air plane and I also need certainly to go communicate with someone? It is embarrassing for all of us,” she stated, after emailing CBC Information together with her grievance.

In a 2nd restroom near the traditions area, Kitzul stated she was able to buy pad from a device for starters buck.

A bathroom that is third visited within the domestic terminal after going right on through safety also didn’t have a device.

Ended up being provided disposable underwear

Kitzul then headed to a person information desk, where she said a well-meaning worker offered her a Depends — a brandname of absorbent, disposable underwear intended for people who have incontinence.

“we think these were confused by the specific situation,” she stated.

Another worker saw exactly exactly what she have been provided, and intervened apologetically.

“We type of laughed about this. She seemed she stated, ‘That will not work right.’ at me personally and “

Kitzul then went along to a shop and bought a pack of pads that cost nearly $15. She grabbed a couple of for by by herself, then left the remainder into the restroom along side an email.

” The airport that is YVRn’t worry about females. There aren’t any tampon/pad devices in this area. Please simply simply take one if you want one,” it checks out.

Kitzul said she had been motivated to go out of the remainder package she bought behind after hearing a story that is similar of Calgary Overseas Airport in December.

After a female ended up being forced to obtain a $15 buck package of tampons — sold elsewhere for only $3 — the box was left by her in the restroom with an email. The picture had been published on the internet and quickly went viral.

YVR: ‘We discovered gaps’

In a declaration, YVR stated that ” the security, protection and convenience of y our people is our priority that is top and’s in the middle of every thing we do.”

It stated the airport underwent a terminal-wide review in regards to the option of feminine hygiene items in December.

“We discovered gaps in vending devices and hygiene that is feminine accessibility within some ladies’ washrooms and then we will work with your lovers to handle those gaps and make certain feminine hygiene services and products are easily obtainable, as well as a reasonable cost, in almost every ladies’ washroom,” the statement read to some extent.

The declaration additionally said that YVR has eight vendors where pads or tampons can be purchased for rates between $2.99 and $7.99, that they state is with in accordance with road rates.

Kitzul said those cheaper choices are not for sale in the shops she visited within the domestic terminal.

In accordance with an image for the receipt provided for CBC Information, Kitzul paid $14.55 after taxation for a pack. The product that is same promoted for $4.99 before income tax at London Drugs.

“Why can I need to pay therefore much cash for a thing that a great deal of our populace needs to utilize a great deal of times?” she stated.

“I do not think they considered the issue that is sanitary. I became really concerned about bleeding.”

Kitzul said that whenever she landed in Saskatoon, she discovered that the restrooms had been stocked with tampons and pads.

“I’m checking any airport now,” she stated.

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